How to DPS

As someone who is a Main DPS, I thought it was about time to help share my thoughts on how to DPS in parties.

I have seen some amazing and obviously, some horrible DPSs. I now that FFXIV is just a game where people want to enjoy playing etc. Then there are Hardcore players who will kick you if you aren’t doing what they want you to do (which actually happened to me when I went Susano Ex but because I wasn’t fully used to it yet, I got kicked for avoiding attacks and not doing enough damage within the first 10 minutes. It sucked and ruined my self-confidence in my main BLM role.

1. Your Role

Each DPS has a different role depending on where they should be standing or their relation to other party members.


I personally love playing as Black Mage and Summoner, because we don’t have to stand really close to the Enemy to deal a lot of damage. Which is great to be able to monitor the group and adjust where I am standing if necessary.

On the other hand, I have a Monk who is great for just punching things and getting stacks from other melee players to help attack (with their Spirit Bombs and Kamehameha attacks lol).

I have yet to try a Psychical ranged DPS, but from what I gather, they are the guys in between the Melee and Magic casters in the DPS roles. Both can support their party with special skills, thats if they are being a support type or just attack.

2. Your Skills

Much like any other class, go to your actions and traits and read over your skills. Find out what they do, their recast times and any additional effects. It might take a lot of getting used to figuring out what a new skill does, but that is always half the battle. The other half is the timing and observing your party members to adjust to how they how they play. They might doing the same as you, getting used to new skills or they might be higher level plays doing the duty roulette.

If you want to make your party members like you, the best way to do so is by using any skills that you have that can support other members. It might not seem like a big thing, but any skills that can help a healer recover MP or can help make their job less taxing is the best way to do so. Remember that you are part of a party, so going that extra mile will make things go a lot smoother.

3. Your Rotation

After doing a lot of research and getting advice from FC members, I learnt that being the best DPS that I can also means using the best rotation for your class. Just doing the combo’s that you have learnt while leveling isn’t the best rotation. I found online that the best rotations are those that have potions in the rotation. These usually are the ones where people have researched and found one that deals a lot of damage.

4. Your Item Level

I know that having to buy new gear every time you level up may seem annoying. But there are other alternatives. I have so many people go to a level 40 dungeon and still have level 15 gear on. Now this not only causes problems your self, with constantly receiving damage and end up dying. But you are putting my pressure on the Healer in the party. They are having to work overtime and using up their MP, which can be hard to regenerate during battle if they are having to worry about the Tank and one DPS who fails to meet the dungeon levels standards.

There is one way to get gear that not only is cheaper, but helps you in the long run, is to constantly going back to a dungeon and trying to get all the loot for your class. This is the perfect way to practice the mechanics of a the dungeon, familiarise yourself with new skills and learn the best placements for attacking bosses. This is especially helpful when you are at level 50-70 because the gear starts getting more expensive, so why not make the most of it and go back and practice as well as get Loot!

For stormblood especially, as there are no levemete quests (well at the moment anyway), the only way to level up other classes is by constantly going back to dungeons. This is the perfect opportunity to get loot for other classes without having to spend money as well as learning the placements for different classes.

5. Your Party

Now you are a DPS, you are not the Tank, you are not a healer. You are the member of the party who tries to do as much damage as you are can without taking the hate away from the tank who is there to take the damage for you.

DPS position

Dr. Espers guide to hitting positionals with MS paint.

By now you are awesome DPS who knows their skills, rotation and has awesome gear on but there is one thing can totally let you down. This my dear friends, is your positioning within the party. Recently, as I have been tanking and see my friends tank, I have seen some horrible DPSs who don’t understand this rule and end up somehow standing beside the tank… BESIDE THE TANK, or worse… BEHIND THE TANK! ….. People! Learn your place within the party! You have no need to be near the tank, So why are you there????

Doing this not only annoys the hell out of the tank, but out of your healer. If the healer has to adjust their position in the most stupid way just to make sure they get your crazy ass within their max spell cast area, you my friend… are no longer a healers friend!! Now annoying your healer is not a smart move. Your life is in their hands! If you make them angry, they will happily let you die as pay back (yeah, I am not going to lie… I have done it…) You’ve got to learn the hard way!

6. Who is your leader???

The tank has a very fun role, they have the power to decide what your party does and where they want to kill things. So this being said here are some things to think about.

    • When is it okay to attack?

Tanks have the ability to make sure all the enemies are focused of them. To do so, they have to use their provoke attack three times before they start attacking. Now, if you are a bad DPS who starts attacking anything after they have done this ability once, you are a right pain in their ass! It is custom that all DPS, give a certain time for the tank to capture all the enemies attention. You are only going to cause them to kick your ass if you are trigger happy and eager to kill things.

    • Has the tank stopped moving?

Another reason to not attack after they have used a provoke ability once is, the tank might decide to pull the enemies to a certain area so you can kill more things in one go. If you have already started attacking one of the enemies and the tank has already moved on, you are an ass! The tank is in control, if you are not following them then why are you trying to be hero??? You are giving the tank grief and making them having to double back on themselves with to get the aggro of the one you are attack and pull it with the others.

Now, if you didn’t realise what the tank was doing because you fail at being observant, then here is a simple guide: STOP ATTACKING THEM AND MOVE WITH YOUR TANK! If you don’t then you will get damaged a lot and find that you are getting healed, because the Healer was observant and moved with the tank. Thus causing you to almost die because of your failure. You have no-one to blame but yourself!

    • What is the tank attacking?

This is one thing on your screen is most helpful… The Aggro List!agrro list

This is list is there so you can spot which one of the enemies is getting damaged the most because the tank has focused them as their target. In lower level dungeons, you might have had a nice tank who marked the enemy they want everyone to attack first before actually attacking. This is just their way of telling noobs, that you must attack the same enemy first to help get things done quicker.

However, with higher level dungeons, Tanks won’t be so kind because you should know by now that you should wait to see what the tank is attacking before you, the DPS, join in the fight. Just select the one with the health that is quickly decreasing and the tank will be happy and may even give you a commendation at the end of the dungeon. But you go for the one that is closest to you, the tank will have to keep using their provoke ability to make sure you don’t take the hate away and you commit suicide, again resulting in an angry healer AND a angry tank. If you get them both angry, you my so called friend will be kicked or worse…. LEFT FOR DEAD!

All of this really is common sense when playing this game. FFXIV is great to play with people who know what they are doing and the more you get used to how THIS game works, then the more rewards you will get.

Going into a dungeon with the mindset of just completing it and using whatever skills you can, is not going to give commendations from other players. Whereas if you research and practice as much as you can, you will get plenty of rewards and other players will be happy to be able to focus on their roles without having to worry and have to compensate your poor playing. Although this might sound harsh, its something everyone should know and do. Making most people in the game angry is not going to help you in the long run, you won’t learn anything and you won’t have many people to play with.

If you are lucky to be playing with friends, they might try their best to compensate for your mistakes. But when you go out into the FFXIV world without them, you are going to get on everyone’s bad side really quickly.

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